2023 Summer Enrichment Assignments

IB and AP Summer Enrichment
updated 01june2023

  • These are Enrichment assignments and highly recommended
  • These are not graded for mastery....
  • IB Diploma Seniors: your EE, TOK, IB Biology HL, and IB Contemporary History assignments are expectations since they started during your junior year and not just assigned this summer 
  • You may need to access some of these documents using your OCPS student account.


2023-24 Rising Pre-IB Freshmen


WP Pre-IB English 1: Click here: Summer Enrichment
*contact Ms. Fuller and Mr. Molitor with any questions you might have 

Click here for a copy of: How to Read Literature like a Professor

In addition, read a book for pleasure and see if any of the concepts covered in How to Read Literature Like a Professor can be applied to your selected novel.  You’d be surprised how often they appear in all that we read!  :-)

WP Pre-IB Biology
: Click here for the Summer Enrichment



2023-24 Rising Pre-IB Sophomore


WP Pre-IB English 2: Click here: Pre-IB English 2 Summer Enrichment

AP European History:
1. During the week of Welcome Back Cats, please read the very short textbook Excerpt on the Black Death and be familiar with the map.

2. Be prepared to discuss the painting The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It is highly recommended that you zoom in and make a simple list the different aspects of society that are represented in the painting.


 Rising IB Diploma Juniors

IB History of the Americas:

Founding Brothers Cover Letter 2023

2023-24  Rising IB Diploma Seniors

Work on your EE - Mr. Littler has provided you with deadlines and expectations.

IB Biology HL senior year: HL Y2 they should be working on their IA experiments and write up during the summer

IB Contemporary History: Click here for Guns of August Summer Enrichment

We did find a version online of this book: https://libcom.org/library/guns-august-barbara-w-tuchman.  We are fairly certain you can find an inexpensive used copy of it as well

IB English IV: Please read The Road by Cormac McCarthy over the summer.  (Hard copies were handed out in junior English classes.)  If you didn't get one, you can pick one up from Ms. Kurz during summer school.  There is also an online PDF. There is no written assignment



AP Classes and IB SL courses

IB Biology SL: Here is the link to the IB Biology SL summer enrichment

IB Sports Exercise Health Science SL: 
Summer Enrichment for IB Sports Exercise and Health Science
Checklist for SEHS IA

IB French
Summer French Enrichment assignment

IB Spanish 5 SL
Here is the link to the IB Spanish 5 Summer Enrichment

AP Capstone: 
  Here is the link to the AP Research Summer Enrichment

AP Physics: Here is the link to the AP Physics Enrichment

IB Physics SL: Here is the link to the IB Physics SL Enrichment

AP Physics C: 
Here is the link to the AP Physics C Enrichment

AP Chemistry: Here is the link to the AP Chemistry Summer Enrichment

AP Environmental Science:
Here is the link to the AP Environmental Science Summer Enrichment Assignment

AP and IB Visual Arts: You will need to be signed into Chrome with your OCPS Student account:

AP and IB Art Summer Enrichment