Course Registration for 2022-2023

WPHS Students and Families,

Please watch the following video with important information about school counselors, opportunities for advancement, registration considerations, and course selection process for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Password: Wildcats2022!

After watching the above video, students can complete the 2022-2023 course selection form. Students are encouraged to speak with their parents and teachers regarding recommendations and explore course offerings. Students must complete the grade specific Google form below.  Upon completion of their course selection, school counselors will be meeting with students individually through their English class to discuss graduation requirements, post-secondary goals, course selection, and to answer any other questions.  Please keep in mind:

  • The course selection form must be complete by all non-IB students. 
  • The form must be accessed through students’ OCPS email address. 
  • Students may only submit the form once. 
  • Students needing to change their course selection(s) after submission should reach out to their school counselor.

Class of 2025: 10th Grade Course Selection Form

Class of 2024: 11th Grade Course Selection Form

Class of 2023: 12th Grade Course Selection Form