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User's Guide for Parents

ProgressBook is a classroom management solution that integrates grade book, lesson plan development, attendance, special education, and parent communication into one comprehensive, web-based system. ProgressBook provides a user-friendly interface for teachers and school administrators to track and maintain student information. The Parent Access Web Site is a component of ProgressBook that enables parents and students to view select ProgressBook information.

The Parent Access Web Site displays student’s averages, progress details, report cards, attendance, schedule, homework, classroom information, events; and other school information in read-only format. Teachers have access to the same information for all of their students so they can see exactly what parents see for each student.



All ParentAccess accounts have been distributed. Parents, if you did not receive account information contact one of the Account Managers. Students, teachers can retrieve your logon id and reset passwords.

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Account Assistance

If you previously set your email address in your ParentAccess account, but have forgotten or lost your logon information, try the links for Forgot your password? or Forgot your username? 

WPHS ProgressBook Account Managers

Main campus- email Lisa Nix
Freshman campus  email Tom Fussner