Hero Electronic Notification System

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Winter Park High School is now using an electronic notification system called HeroK12.  The program is designed to encourage students in the classroom and to also hold students accountable for important school practices.  The goal of the new program is to support student learning and success!

Two groups of indicators exist with the program.  They are reward components and accountability components.

Reward components are connected to positive behaviors. The design with this category of the program is for students to earn points redeemable for incentives.  Points can be earned for great effort, turning in all assignments, being on task, and being on time to class.  Students will accumulate points to be used for incentive items.

Accountability indicators are associated with behaviors not contributing to success.  When an input is made, communication goes to both parents and students. The four indicators are unexcused tardy, not in class, missing work, and incomplete work.  For unexcused tardies, consequences are also assigned through the system.

Communication from HeroK12 is sent out to parents via email, using the email address on file, and through a push notification to a cellular device.  Students also will have an app and access through their laptop.

The HeroK12 program is designed to be a positive program where we hold students to high expectations for success.  It is important for students to be on time and in each class, every day. Furthermore, it is important for students to work hard, complete assignments, and learn.

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