Class of 2021 Information

Students-- check your CANVAS accounts for the most up to date information!


WPHS Graduation at Amway Arena

Monday, May 24, 8:30 AM

This schedule is based on the availability of the Amway Center during the NBA playoffs or Solar Bears games, and safety conditions due to COVID-19.

In the event graduations cannot take place at the Amway Center, alternative locations will be determined.

Safety precautions will include, but are not limited to, the mandatory wearing of face masks, social distancing, limited ticketing (exact number per graduate to be determined), strict arrival, departure and stage procedures.

All guidelines and protocols are being developed in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health in Orange County and the Amway Center.

The ceremony will be live streamed.  


It is time to, once again, verify your transcript information
Check out the Academic History section on Skyward to make sure you're not missing any courses you've completed. OCPS will re-run class rank on February 15, so you should make sure all your corrections and completions have been entered.  You can do so through the Academic History section of Skyward or by requesting an unofficial copy of your transcript.  You can pick one up at the CCC or student Services office.  Please note, we cannot email transcripts.  If you have other questions, contact your school counselor. 


Hello Seniors!

With this form you will be submitting a quote for this year’s 2020-2021 yearbook! Your quote should be well chosen, as it will serve as a record of who you are for years to come. All quotes are subject to review by administration and the yearbook staff. Failure to follow guidelines will result in the expulsion of your quote. If you do not provide the yearbook staff with a quote, one will be chosen for you. Yearbook reserves the right to edit, censor, or omit inappropriate quotes. Deadline to submit senior quotes is 2/5/21.


Guidelines: All quotes must be limited to 140 characters. Yes, spaces between words will count and need to be included. In order for your name and quote to fit nicely with your picture, we have set 140 character spaces as the maximum.

---- Put your quotation marks. Somebody said it, so you should cite it properly. Your English teachers will be proud of your efforts.

---- NO acronyms, NO abbreviations, NO creative spelling.

---- NO profanity, slang, obscene, offensive, questionable, inappropriate content.

---- NO references to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, gangs, etc.

---- NO language that denigrates another person's ethnicity, religion/ political beliefs, sexuality, gender, physical or mental ability, etc.

---- NO derogatory comments about the school, students, faculty, or staff members.

---- Must be an actual quote, NO references to tv/movie episodes (Season 2, Ep4, 14:01 = not accepted)


We have a fantastic school year ahead of us. As we anticipate the memories, friendships, and special times ahead, we're also looking forward to one of our favorite traditions --- the yearbook.

To purchase your yearbook please check out the yearbook on SchoolPay.
ALL information will be in the Student Body Canvas.


  Senior yearbook photo appointments can be booked  online with Dean Stewart Photography. (Links to an external site.)

The deadline to have your picture in the 2020-2021 YEARBOOK has already past.
Contact  Ms Norton for more info as needed 

We at Herff Jones are proud and fortunate to be the official graduation supplier for Winter Park HS.

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For questions, email Senior Class sponsor-- Lindsay Diener