May 2023 IB and AP Exam Info

IB and AP Exam Information May 2023

The 2023 AP and IB Exams begin on Thursday, April 27th.  This webpage will be update pretty often, please continue to check back for updates
last updated on 08may

Exam Schedule: 2023 AP and IB exam schedule

AP and IB students, please remember, starting in April, students should be checking their emails every day or so to receive any AP and IB exam information and updates.

Parents, please make sure your student(s) understands they must check their emails daily for IB and AP exam updates.  The student is solely responsible for the information and ensuring they understand everything they need to sit for their IB and AP exams.  We are here to help and support as much as we can, but they are solely responsible. Questions about specific subjects need to be directed to their AP teacher.

All AP and IB exam students, please ensure you view the WPHS 2022 AP/IB Exams  presentation (will be released in April).

Example view the  example
Student PASS & Schedule Form
This document will be emailed to each student by mid April.  You need this PASS to get on and off the campus.
You need to verify and ensure your scheduled AP and IB exams are correct on this PASS

WPHS Examination Schedule and Locations
(will be released in April)


  1. No talking once you enter your exam room
  2. AM exams - report directly to the auditorium lobby by tba - do not be late
  3. PM exams - report directly to the auditorium lobby by tba- do not be late
  4. PLEASE stay out of the 100 building before your exams


  1. please email your teacher, Mr. Disney and Mr. Blackmon as soon as possible.  
  2. Please let us know:
  3. Why did you miss the exam?
  4. Do you want to be rescheduled for the late exam date/time?
    1. You can see the late exam dates and times at the bottom of the 2023 AP and IB exam schedule Please verify you can commit to the late exam date/time.

AP Exams Information
Watch AP Daily Videos
6 Tips to Build Confidence for Your AP Exams
AP Daily YouTube Channel

IB Exam Information
Please review each of these link

Notice to IB Candidates
Items not Permitted in IB exams

IB Answer Booklet Guide - all students taking an IB exam need to review this

IB Testing Presentation for Students - ensure you review this in detail!