Parking Decals for the 22-23 school year will go on sale as follows:

May 23 (Rising Seniors only) 7:30am - 3:00pm
May 24 (All other students) 7:30am - 3:00pm

Decals can be purchased through School Pay

B- lot = $75 (Seniors Only)
C- lot = $75
D- lot = $50

*Must have valid operator's license to receive decal.*
*Students will also be required to complete a parking contract at a later date.*

For questions, please contact Steve John at [email protected] 


Winter Park High School Student Parking Entrances

1. Students with a B-Lot parking pass may enter through the main gate on Summerfield or the side gate on Berwick Dr.

2. Students with a C-Lot parking pass must enter through the Baldwin Park gate on Lindale Ave.

3. Students with a D-Lot parking pass must enter through the side gate on Greene Drive. 

*The gate on Bellwood Drive (A-Lot) is only for buses and staff members.  This gate is not for student parking, or student drop off.  

The Winter Park High School parking contract must be submitted prior to receiving your decal.
*Students, you will receive and email with instructions to pick up your decal when your purchase is made and your contract has been submitted. 

Student On Campus Parking Brochure provide lots of valuable information - please review!

Any additional questions or concerns- please contact Mr. Curtis John