2020 Summer Assignments

IB and AP Summer Enrichment
updated 10june2020


2020-2021 IB Freshmen


WP Pre-IB English 1: Click here: Summer Enrichment
In addition (totally optional), read a book for pleasure and see if any of the concepts covered in How to Read Literature Like a Professor can be applied to your selected novel.  You’d be surprised how often they appear in all that we read!  :-)

WP Pre-IB Biology: Click here for the Summer Enrichment



2020-2021 IB Sophomore


WP Pre-IB English 2: Click here: Pre-IB English 2 Summer Enrichment




2020-2021 IB Juniors


IB History of the Americas: You will need to be signed into Chrome with your OCPS Student account.

2020-2021 IB Seniors


IB English 4: Click here: Summer Enrichment


IB Contemporary History: Click here for Guns of August Summer Enrichment

 I did find a version online: https://libcom.org/library/guns-august-barbara-w-tuchman.  I'm fairly certain you can find an inexpensive used copy of it as well




AP Classes and IB SL courses

AP Capstone:   Here is the link to the AP Research Summer Enrichment .  
AP and IB Physics: Here is the link to the AP and IB Physics Enrichment

IB Spanish 5 SL:
 Here is the link to the IB Spanish 5 Summer Enrichment

AP Chemistry:
 Here is the link to the AP Chemistry Summer Enrichment
It is a bit long but it is more of a reference document and will come into great use as the school starts

AP and IB Visual Arts: You will need to be signed into Chrome with your OCPS Student account.

  • Go to Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com
  • Click the “ + “ icon and join a class
  • Use this code to join the classroom: n55tlx2
  • Google class name      2020-2021 AP/IB PORTFOLIO VISUAL ARTS
  • Email for questions:  [email protected]