Winter Park High School Student Parking Entrances

1. Students with a B-Lot parking pass may enter through the main gate on Summerfield or the side gate on Berwick Dr.
2. Students with a C-Lot parking pass must enter through the Baldwin Park gate on Lindale Ave.
3. Students with a D-Lot parking pass must enter through the side gate on Greene Drive. 

*The gate on Bellwood Drive (A-Lot) is only for buses and staff members.  This gate is not for student parking, or student drop off.  

arking decals went on sale for Seniors on Tuesday, August 11, 2020. 
Juniors & Sophomores were/are be able to purchase a decal beginning
Thursday, August 13, 2020*

Decals can be purchased on between 8 am and midnight  
or when all spaces have been sold.

Prices are as follows:

B – Lot ($75.00)- **Sold Out**

C – Lot ($65.00)-  **Sold Out**

D – Lot ($50.00)

Student On Campus Parking Brochure provide lots of valuable information - please review! 

The Winter Park High School parking contract must be submitted prior to receiving your decal.

Any additional questions or concerns- please contact Mr. Curtis John