Alumni Circle of Distinction

About the Winter Park High School Circle of Distinction

The Circle of Distinction was established in 2006 to honor outstanding Winter Park High School alumni who have earned significant distinction through their achievements.  The special merits of these alumni are singled out by this honor in an effort to stimulate and challenge current WPHS students toward similar lives of achievement and fulfillment. Honorees will be inducted into the Circle of Distinction at selected high school events so as to make public both the alumni achievements as well as Winter Park High School’s profound admiration.

Nominations for inducting alumni into the Circle of Distinction are welcomed and all will be considered. Anyone may nominate an alumnus who graduated from Winter Park High School ten or more years earlier.  The Alumni Circle Selection Committee will make the final selection with guidance by the Principal. Nominations will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and remain on file for a period of 2 years.

Candidate Eligibility Criteria:
Nominees should have made distinctive achievements in their personal life, or in their chosen field(s), that include, but are not limited to:  business, education or academics, science, medicine, engineering religion, politics, broadcasting, entertainment, philanthropy, public service or community service, sports, military, and the arts. 

Nominators are urged to provide sufficient credentials designed to make a strong case for the candidate--in both detail and in meeting the criteria. 

The nominees may or may not be currently holding the positions in which they achieved their greatest success. 

Nominees may be living or deceased with the award being presented posthumously. 


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