Digital Student Support

Digital Student Support and Responsibility

Financial Liability
Parents/Guardians/Students are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if the digital device is:
accidentally damaged,
intentionally damaged,
damaged due to negligence,
lost due to negligence,
not returned at the end of the year or upon withdrawal, and/or
stolen but not reported to local law enforcement

Students are made aware that damage of any school property is a violation of the OCPS Code of Student Conduct when they review it annually. 

OCPS Digital Plan for Device and Accessory Incident Fees

OCPS is pleased to provide digital devices* to all our students. Exposing our youth to digital learning is critical to preparing them for future success, and the district is recognized as a national leader due to the incredible efforts of our teachers and administrators. OCPS Code of Student Conduct outlines students must not damage* school property. District-issued devices are the property of the School Board of Orange County and its taxpayers. 

*Digital Devices - A student must be enrolled in at least one on-campus course to receive a digital device. 
*Damage - any material change, through negligence, accident, or intent, that prohibits full functionality, or cosmetic changes in the appearance, of a device.

Fee Structure

When a device or accessory is damaged, an incident fee is assessed. The chart below details the device fee structure. Should a non-warranty repair be completed, the incident fee will be applied to the cost of the repair. However, if the repair falls under warranty and there is no cost to repair, the incident fee will be refunded. 

Incident 1st Incident 2nd Incident 3rd (and forward) Incident
Student/Parent/Guardian Responsibility for the repair/replacement cost $25 $50 Depreciated value. * *See table below.


The fee structure now accounts for a four-year depreciation schedule of the device (each year ends June 30). The chart below details the depreciation schedule. 

Years from Purchase 1 2 3 4
Repair/Replacement Cost $550 $400 $250 $100



The device begins depreciating once it's in use. Devices depreciate along a normal schedule, depending upon the features of the device, the expected life cycle, and normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear related to the full replacement value—hence the new depreciation schedule above for instances that rise to a third incident. These are the new replacement values based on depreciation. 

The chart below details the accessory fee structure, which is now itemized based on accessory type (charger or protective case). The new protective cases for devices in grades 6-12 are considered accessories. 

Incident 1st Incident 2nd Incident 3rd (and forward) Incident
Student/Parent/Guardian/Responsibility $10 $15 $25


Fee Communication
The updated Digital Device Accessory Assessment Form is used to communicate any fees assessed with parents/legal guardians. A field has been added to this form that allows parents/legal guardians to request the actual cost of repair.  Parents will be alerted regarding fee assessments for planning.  

Requesting Repair Costs
Repairs are made by an external vendor, and the district is invoiced after the fact. As a result, repair costs may not be immediately known or available. Repair costs can be requested by contacting, [email protected]  (Main Campus), [email protected] (Freshman Campus), or (Main Campus),

[email protected] (Freshman/Main Campus). If there is a difference between the actual cost of repair and the fine paid by the family, a refund will be issued by the school bookkeeper [email protected].

Paying Fines
Fines are due at the time they are assessed. Fines are to be paid using SchoolPay
Payment Plans
If unable to pay the fine in full at the time assessed, please contact  [email protected] (Main Campus), [email protected] (Freshman Campus), for needs-based payment plan options. All financial obligations must be settled by graduation or withdrawal from school, whichever comes first. 

Disputing Fines
If you would like to dispute a fine that has been assessed, contact  [email protected] (Main Campus), or [email protected]  (Freshman Campus) in writing. Fines are assessed at the district level for all device damage and loss. The school cannot remove any device fines.  If a device submitted for repair was entered in error or the damage ends up being a warranty claim, the fine may be reversed after the fact.  The school cannot predetermine the device will be a warranty issue.

Fine Duration and Portability

Fines which are not paid in full by the end of the school year, roll forward to the following school year until graduation. Fines are connected to a student not to a school. When students move between schools, fines convey between schools.

LaunchEd Family Technology Handbook
Information about LaunchED participation, parent and guardian responsibilities, student responsibilities, device support, device network use, and fees, which was previously available in the LaunchED Family Technology Handbook, is now available in the Parent Guide within the Academics section. The Parent Guide can be accessed using the link below: 

Device Care and Safety Videos

Students are required to watch the device care and safety video that applies to them as part of the device checkout process or in the classroom. Videos can be accessed using the links below: 


Student Tech Support - Report to the Media Center on either campus