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 The district is implementing a new Community Service Hours process, along with new required forms and a required essays. Please share this with your students:

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Virtual Community Service List


Click here to view the new process our students will need to follow.
  Both of these forms are required:

Community Service Proposal Form 2020-2021

Community Service Log and Reflection 2020-2021


1.Community Service Plan 

The Community Service Plan should be completed prior to completing the service hours with the appropriate signatures. Attached to this will be a one page, typed paper describing the specific activity they will be participating in and how it will address a social problem, issue, or concern in our community.


2.Community Service Hour Log 

Complete the new Community Service Hour Log with signatures.


3.Reflection essay: 

Turn in a one page typed Reflection essay describing how their services were beneficial to the community and how they experiences personal growth as a result.